Shunt Passport/Patient ID Card

If you need medical care while travelling or away from your usual centre, carrying Shunt Passport or Patient ID Card that details your particular implant type and settings will help doctors treat you efficiently.  

This document is specific to you and your implant and so is not interchangeable. It normally contains your usual patient identification details, information about the implanted device including the model, manufacturer and settings, when and where the procedure took place, and the treating physician. 

We recommend that all hydrocephalus patients or their accompanying caregivers carry a Shunt Passport/Patient ID in case of emergency. Your doctor will have issued you with one following the implant procedure or the most recent valve adjustment. Make sure you have an updated card. 

If you have a Codman Hakim Medos or Certas Plus adjustable shunt valve but do not have a current Shunt Passport/Patient ID Card, you can download one of the blank cards below and have your doctor fill in the details. For other types of valves, ask your treating doctor for an updated card. 

The Patient ID cards (also called implant cards) are implant specific. Those present on this page are specific to the Codman Certas Plus adjustable valve and to the Codman Hakim adjustable valve (also sometimes called Medos Hakim valve).

Those pdf files are downloadable and printable. Feel free to download and print a copy should you have the corresponding implant and you have lost your old ID card or did not receive one, and ask your doctor to fill the corresponding information.